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5 years ago

Modem Won't Reset

I've had this problem for the last couple of months. When I try to reset my modem through my account, it will not work. I can however reset my TV Receiver through my account, just not my modem.

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  • Hi JRD59, are you getting an error when trying to reset your modem through My Account? What symptoms are you experiencing that prompt you to reset the modem? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      The only thing that I see is, Unable to Reset Internet Connection, We're sorry, we cannot reset your modem at this time. Contact Us Try Again. I get the same results when I choose try again and I've tried your automated reset through the phone and get the same "We're Unable to Reset your Modem". The symptoms that prompt me to reset are slow internet speeds, page loading etc... There have been many times I've called tech support and they tell me they can't even see my modem being online yet it is online but it would just be slow. There have been issues in my area for several years in which something happens every 3 to 6 months and Cox ends up having  to send out the maintenance crews to track down the problems. When my service is slow or interrupted, the first thing I do is go to my account and check for outages. If there is an outage, I do nothing but wait, if no outage, I try resetting.


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        Hi JRD59, your modem is reporting intermittent packet loss. Packet loss would definitely impact your internet speed! Based on your modem metrics, the reason you haven't been able to remotely reset the modem may be due to poor communication between the modem and the Cox network. Is there a splitter on the coax connection to the modem? It's possible that the splitter needs to be replaced. If you are unable to bypass the splitter and connect the modem directly to the cable outlet, or if there is no splitter, I'd suggest a service call. If you'd like my team to schedule a service call for you, please email with your full name, address, and a link to this page. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator