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3 years ago

Modem portion of Panoramic WiFi Gateway not working


At about 9:00 pm last night my wife and I noticed our phones asking to switch to cellular data because the WiFi had just turned off. We can connect to WiFi (router works fine) but we have no internet (modem will not connect). Our Gateway will only display a yellow blinking light We tried EVERYTHING to bo avail to fix the issue: unplug and replug, reset, switched coax cable, switched wall outlets, and everything in between. I even tried to find the box outside to see if I could find anything loose. The online tech support said it would be TWO WEEKS until a tech person can come to fix the issue and I was just wondering if there’s ANYTHING I can do in the meantime to fix the issue as I work from home and CANNOT go two weeks without working. PLEASE HELP.