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4 years ago

Modem not assigning IP address

I have been having internet connection issue as described in below post (copied and paste from another user as their problem is exactly same as mine and they have described it perfectly). I’m hoping someone can advise on a solution or cause of the problem. Multiple attempts at getting help from cox tech has been as waste of time, they have no clue and will only reboot the system from their side and say all looks good, must be the router.   

We have been having the same issues as described in this post:

Basically, internet/phone/tv work perfectly fine without any signal issue, and then the internet only will completely stop working. It's like we aren't getting a public IP address. Cycling power and resetting the modem/router several times will eventually gets the internet to start working again after an hour or so. At this point we need to do it 2-3 times a day.

We have been through 3 completely different routers and 2 different modems (both TM3402As supplied by Cox) and this issue persists. Since we are seeing the issue with all these different setups, and that TV and phone continue to work, lead me to believe that maybe this model of modem has some issues. We only chose this router as it was the only one available that handles both phone and internet in a single unit.

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    Hi @JKL,

    I understand how frustrating it is to have these repeated internet issues. Based on the type of modem that you have, I recommend that you get it swapped out for another one. You can take it to a Cox Solution store or email us at with your full name and address.

    Ben S.
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      i’ve swap out 3 modems already. 2 routers have been tested at different location and both work perfectly. 

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    Did this issue recently start?  Does this issue affect both wired and wireless connections?  Can you inventory how many splitters are on your coaxial cable?  How's the coax look going into and from your outside NID?  Did you recently purchase any electronic devices? 

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      only 1 splitter from street to house. i disconnected the cables not being used on splitter so pretty much just 1 cable all the way along the outside of the house thru to the input inside.  cable was ran by cox tech when i started their service about 2 years ago and are in good shape as i can see it the entire way.   i do not have any new electronic devices. my family use is very basic, ipad, internet tv, and that’s it. there are a quite a bit of people having the same issue when i search in forum and intnernt but there never seems to be a solution.  i think the software in modem is corrupt. but then again, i’ve swapped out 1 older model and 2 same model modems with cox and still having issue. all the modems are from cox arris.