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6 years ago

Message to <3@2031342> was automatically rejected: spam

I received this bounce-back from the Mail Delivery Subsystem:

Your message to <3@2031342> was automatically rejected: spam

Who is  <3@2031342>? Certainly not someone i communicate with. I've not seen that format for addresses before.

And the message was bcc'd to 2 of my students and cc'd to my co-prof. Why was it screened as spam?

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      Hi Kevin -- No, no numbers. The message actually starts like so:

      On 2/21/19, 7:45 PM, "Mail Delivery Subsystem" <postmaster@2031342> wrote:

      I don't know who or where postmaster@2031342 is. This behavior involves traffic from the domain and seems to relate to a small attached XL file.

      The behavior is new. Thanks for the links. I don't think I'm doing any of those bad things.


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        It could be related to the XL file you attempted to send. Typically, a postmaster error could be because the file type you tried to send through SMTP was rejected by the server. It's also possible that the recipient's email address rejected your correspondence, thinking it was spam. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator