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5 years ago

May need to work from home. But current service with Cox is not reliable.

My signal drops and fades in and out. Not the router, the system was rebooted several times. This also affects video,  I often only see 1/2 a show because the wifi has dropped or signal becomes too weak.

Anybody else dealing with this?

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    constantly. it is incredibly unreliable and goes in and out all the time. i believe they replaced the line in our roadway recently but we still have the same issues. my neighbor complains about it too, so it’s not just my setup. 

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      @Ryan Sauer, I am detecting potential signal issues with your modem. We encourage you to make sure there are no loose or damaged connections in the home. If issues persist, it may be best to have a service technician go out to the home to investigate further. Please email us at for additional support.

      @Jd3mrtn, you mentioned the system rebooting but not the wireless router. Do you have a separate wireless router connected to the modem? If so, did you enable bridge mode? Do you only experience drops on WiFi or does this also occur on a hard-wired connection? Here's some additional troubleshooting information:

      -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      My system is the Cox Router Panoramic with WiFi that was set up by the technician on the day my service was activated. Now this problem has been going on since the beginning of my account set up.  I'm usually not home much and didn't constantly fight for a resolution.   But now I have to work from home so I need to know if any fix is possible?   

      When the technician first set this up, I remember it took a very long time like over 30 minutes to get a connection to my unit.  My worry is the old wiring in the unit or an old box.   Somehow the signal is just not stable by the time it reaches me.  

      The only place in my apartment for a connection is in the living room.  So yes Wifi is all I use.  

      Thank you for your reply.  My work from home begins next Monday.   

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        call cox, they should be able to check levels.

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    Using LogMeIn to access my desktop during the current healthcare crisis. What a slow, painful slog it is. My download speeds are always in the single digits. Long pauses waiting for the data transmission to catch up with my last keystroke. 150 MB/sec??? Ha! What a joke.