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Massive number of code word errors...


My gigablast internet connection continues to be plagued by excessive uncorrectable codeword errors. Today, after 3 hours since rebooting the cable modem, the number of errors on the 32 channels averages in the millions with the highest channel having 3.5 million uncorrectable errors.  Technicians have attempted to use power boosters, enhanced cable connections, etc, on multiple occasions. I reboot the cable modem on a daily basis in an attempt to help.  From all of my research, the number of codeword errors I receive greatly exceeds other reporting such problems where Cox and other providers respond with expert engineers.  How does a long-term customer get to a “plant” engineer that could review my issues???  Thank you!

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    Uncorrectable errors usually indicate noise in the line, unless there is an outage.

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    Hi Btay, if you need additional support, please feel free to include a link to this forum thread and email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator