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6 years ago

Many T3 Time Outs

I had been noticing servive drop outs for some months and decided to buy a new modem/router but, that did not solve the problem.

My New Netgear C7000v2  Modem/Router is getting many T3 time outs. The Router error logs

show the time outs  and dates of the t3 errors and in addition I wrote a bash scrip that logs time out errors. It pings both and If both pings fail, it logs an error along with each ping return value. I would like to know to whom and were I can email this data

for futher analysis and repair solution. 

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    @Jim Bainter

    What you're describing would indicate a signal or equipment issue. I'd check all the cable connections as well as try bypassing any cable splitters you have access to and see if that helps. Should you continue to experience issues a tech may need to come out and troubleshoot further.