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2 years ago

Maintenance in the middle of the day?

Why is it that Cox has decided to bring down internet in my area for maintenance for around 4 hours?  I work remotely and that is money that I will never be able to get back!  It would have been one thing if there was a warning sent out, I would have figured a way to connect today, but there were none.  This is becoming more and more consistent in my area.  I have been a customer for over 6 years and the past 3 or 4 months have been absolutely the worst I have ever experience and what does cox do?  They tell me we are really sorry, but never change their ways from my feedback and offer me a credit of $16.  That is nowhere close to what they are costing me in lost work time.

Cox, get with it and treat us customers like exactly that, CUSTOMERS!  You charge an arm and a leg for cable and internet, maybe if enough of us in this area move over to Frontier you would possibly understand and do something.

-Ian W.

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    UPDATE: After being on the phone with customer support where they stated it was a maintenance downtime and the app saying the same, the app now says it is a service outage with no reference to maintenance.  Coincidence?  Think not!  Can't make these things up even if you try!  

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    I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Cox works diligently to limit the amount of downtime our customers experience. Our normal maintenance window is between midnight and 6AM. Advance notice is not always practical; however, we try to let customers know when a major issue or a network upgrade in their area will impact their service for more than one day. Credits for service outages are pro-rated based on your monthly service rate. We understand that these types of service outages can be frustrating, and we want you to know it is our highest priority to restore these services as quickly as possible. While we are unable to credit for loss of wages, We are able to credit accounts due to the service outage that occurred when we are made aware because all outages don't affect all customer's. Please feel free to reach out to our team via email at anytime you having an issue and we be happy to investigate.

    Jonathan J
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    Most of the time maintenance is done overnight, but sometimes it has to be done during daylight hours. If it didn't NEED to be done during the day, it most definitely would have been done overnight, when it impacted people the least.