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5 years ago

Loss of Call Quality through Remote Desktop Connection

 Hi Team and Internet Friends,

    We have Gigablast internet with Cox and when I run we consistently get 400+ download and 20+ upload speeds. The challenge I am having is when working from home I remote connect to my company's remote desktop and every call I make on the VOIP softphone is garbled, crackled and customers complain they only hear 1 out of ever 3 words. My headset is crystal clear when I speak on my regular computer but as soon as I do the remote connection there is a huge loss of latency. I have talked to many of my coworkers and no one else is having this challenge so I dont think the problem is with the company's server connection. 

     When I run tracert from the command prompt to the company server it has at least 2 "request timed out" from the 17 hops it does 

     Can someone please advise how to improve the call quality and server connection. I appreciate you

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