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4 years ago

Long TTFB, Timeouts, and Bad Server Time Sync

For a set of sites I use regularly, I've been seeing very slow TTFB, so I ran tracert and found what appear to be a couple of problems with the Zayo ord2 server that times out, and occasionally at the integration between Zayo's server and your box in LA. Screenshots attached below. I also noticed from some strange behavior on one of the sites that indicates there is a gap in the time of at least one minute across at least two load-balancing servers. At a guess I'd say both problems are related to one piece of hardware that's in need of maintenance. Please help get this server healthy or get Zayo to. Thank you!

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    Hi DWW,

    I can see how that makes for an inconvenient experience. Because the behavior appears to occur after our hop, we would not be in a position to arrange for the support you may need. I regret the difficulty this means for you.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator