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2 months ago

Long outage with no updates and no text notifications

When you guys have a 12+ hr outage can you at least fill me in on what the fk is going on so I have some semblance of an idea of when I can use the internet again? I call, it gives me a robot that says I can sign up for text updates, I put my number in, I get no updates. And then the robot just tells you a customer service rep can't help resolve it any faster.. DO YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THIS?? I'M LOOKING FOR INFORMATION BECAUSE YOUR TRASH AUTOMATED SYSTEM DOESN'T WORK ALONG WITH THE TRASH INTERNET YOU PROVIDE ME. Also just as a side note when the internet is "working" it's pretty common to get packet loss, probably because cox is so careful not to upgrade their garbage infrastructure so they can save more money :) I love so much that you have no competitors at my address! :) teehee!

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  • Hi Jrusywick. We truly apologize for the extended outage. We understand that outages are never fun. Once updates are available, we send them through text notifications and on our Cox app. This is why we suggest signing up for those notifications. Customer service representatives have access to the same information that you do through those avenues. I understand that you want answers, once those answers are available, they are made available through those notifications' methods. If you have any additional questions, please email us at