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6 years ago

Lied to.

First I was told I would get a $10 a month discount for being a loyal customer. Didn't see that on my bill. Then I got a unknown and untold $75 or so fee on my account that is HIGHER than the bill!!!!! I NEVER was told I was going to be secretly charged and for what? The reason I got rid of TV with Cox years ago and now the phone was the overpriced garbage.

Get rid of the 6.99 service too. Since you ripped me off at 4.99 for years, now its up to 6.99, an almost $85 a year charge, get rid of that too. However you need to produce in writing what I'm being charged for. That was a monthly telephone, I asked, so no fees should have occurred from removing it. Even if there were, you had better come up with that in writing where I agreed to it. Phone call either.

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  • Hi Nichollsvi. We can certainly investigate this. Please email this link along with your name and complete address to and we will be glad to assist you with getting this issue resolved. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      How about the laziness of support being shown? If you want us to do work for you, you need to pay for our time and stop expecting us to pay you for yours when you don't pay us for yours.

      The #1 reason to get rid of you all and the services? Attitude. When you are a monopoly, this is what happens. Prices skyrocket and attitudes towards the customer drop lower than the dust.

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        For the security of your personal information. we ask that you email us instead of having your personal information posted on a public site. You can also contact us via Facebook and Twitter. We are more than happy to address your billing concerns once we get some information verified. - Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator