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10 months ago

Leaning pole on condo property


Our property is at 1320 E Bethany Home Rd. Phoenix 85014 (Bethany Villa Condos) and there is a Cox utility pole on the west end along Bethany. It has a pretty severe lean as it is next to a large palm pushing it over. The post number is PS85381. We want Cox to come out to take a look to see if the pole needs to be moved to a better spot further away from the palm tree. Who do we contact about that? I tried chatting with customer support, but they wanted my personal information, saying it had to be tied to an account. (Ridiculous lol).

The leaning pole does not affect our connectivity. It needs to be assessed for safety since it leans over a busy street.

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  • While not always the case, usually the wires at the top of the pole will indicate the owner.  If there's electrical lines connected at the very top, it'll likely be the power company's responsibility to address.

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    How do you know it's Cox's pole? Poles usually belong to the electric company.