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4 years ago

Latency Worst than ever

Long story short

I am having terrible latency issues every day, every hour every second

I had a tech come to my house and he was able to fix the download speeds so thats a good thing but that didn't fix the latency at all

I am currently using cox's panoramic wifi modem just to see if it was my equipment that was possible messed up and nope it has to be on cox's end.

Anyone have any solutions because I am loosing mt mind over this.

(My old equipment was a Arris SB8200 modem and TP-Link AX3000 router)

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  • Austin95,

    Our engineers are monitoring the network in your area and working to optimize connectivity in your area. While this is going on you might notice an outage is posted in the Cox app. You shouldn't experience a total loss of service, but it is possible you could see degraded speeds.

    I definitely think running traceroutes to the servers where you most often see the latency on would be helpful in pinpointing if the trouble is on or off the Cox network.

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