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3 years ago

Latency or QoS?

background info: I have gigablast internet package with cox panoramic router. I have (recently purchased) gaming PC plugged in via ethernet. I have 1 labtop using 2.4 g wifi connection. I have 3 TVs (usually only 1 in use at a time). I have an Oculus Quest 2 that gets used occasionally. I have an xbox one S that gets used less often. 

Problem: Playing ANY online game on gaming PC (ethernet) with child using labtop (2.4g wifi) behind playing Roblox. One TV streaming Netflix (5g wifi). At times, my game on gaming PC drops connection (example: disconnected from battleNet). I look behind me and my kids roblox dissconnected and is attempting reconnect. The TV will buffer for maybe 3 to 10 seconds. 

Attempts: Upgraded to gigablast with new router (as recommended by cox tech support). Internet is much faster, but the latency drops are still there, maybe a little less often as it seems the internet is fast enough to try to pick up where it left off(?). But STILL happening. Called cox and now the suggest i try the GamerElite package(...for MORE money). Added to my serice, tried it out.. it just connects you to a VPN.. or rather a GPN. So if your connection has an issue... it will stop being connected to GPN(duh?). Didn't work, removed GamerElite from my service. At some point i was talked into adding another 500mgbts to total internet allowance (even though ive NEVER gone over 85% usage)(MORE money!). Call cox again trying to explain my issue... they recommend i add another monthly service charge that would cover the cost of a technician coming to my residence and maybe running new wire from where ever to my house(more money). I call cox again and explain i'm STILL having this issue and the technician says that if he has to send someone to my residence, it will be very costly (even though i started paying for the COX COMPLETE CARE package). 

Cox obviously has no idea what to do other than looking for new stuff to try to charge me more for. This is now obvious.

Asking around, i was told that QoS can change your connection around in the router "looking for fastest option" . Cox no longer allows to turn this feature off with their routers, so i would have to buy a new modem/router just have consistent internet... does this even apply when plugged directly into router?

If i run a continuous internet speed test ( i have obvious packet drops or failures. Literally telling me at one point "2022-06-07 18:10:25: uploaded in 33.4s @0.702Mb/s". Im not Tech savy, but that says it took 33.4 seconds to transfer .702mb/s of data. Is this a representation of my actual problem? How do i get someone smarter than me at cox to understand this? Im paying money for internet that i CAN'T use for gaming. 

Can anyone give advice or direction? 



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    Faster.  Your higher plan isn't faster but is bigger.  It's just a bigger "pipe" to download data.  However, higher plans do have bigger upload pipes, so it may seem like your service is faster, especially with gaming because games upload lots of data, due to the bigger upload pipe.

    The bigger pipes may also seem faster because your plan can now fit the constant retransmissions of data due to persistent errors.  You may have had problems all along but instead of troubleshooting the errors with you, Cox just said get a bigger pipe (to easily handle their errors)...and then comes GamerElite, Data Blocks, Complete Care, etc.  The question becomes:  Would you ever fill this bigger download pipe with 1 billion bits?  Probably not.  This is how Cox shills needless plans because a lot of gamers need these bigger upload pipes.

    QoS.  QoS is a feature within the router but it's a feature to apply to a specific device.  For example, if you want your Gaming PC to have top priority among all other devices, you'd enter its MAC address (I assume) and set its priority.  I would assume QoS applies to wired devices as well but you'd need to research the User Guide of the specific router.  QoS would be an enhancement...not a fix, unless you wanted to beat your son at gaming, then set your device High and his Low.

    Ethernet shouldn't be dropping connections.  Ethernet is why people go through the hassle of hardwiring devices because it's a more dependable, reliable, secure connection.

    If Ethernet is dropping, it could be the router (personal LAN) or Cox (WAN); however, Panoramic makes this hard to troubleshoot because it's an all-in-1-device.  For example, if you directly connect your Gaming PC to a standalone modem and simultaneously play a game, stream an UHD movie, stream music, perform a speed test and send a 20 MB email with success...probably the router.  If not, probably either the modem or Cox.

    If you're to keep renting the Panoramic...and in addition to PingPlotter...upload an image of your modem logs (signals and events).  Also, inventory any coaxial splitters along your front of and behind the wall plate, attic, box bolted onto the side of your house, etc.

    If we can identify out-of-spec signals at your modem, this would not be "very costly' because Cox cannot charge you to fix their problems; however, Cox already got you for Complete Care, so it wouldn't matter.

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      downloaded PingPlotter. Ran for 10 mins and screenshot(still running)(target Looking through router logs, getting ready to ScreenShot, i ask myself... is it safe to post my sensitive router information (MAC address, Open Ports Forward, IP address)? 

      The PingPlotter is going crazy with red every where. Is it safe to even show that? That also has ip address's but i would think thats maybe public? 

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        @Synister4200, I can certainly understand your concern over providing sensitive information via a public forum. Please feel free to email us at and we will assist you with any account related concerns. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.