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5 years ago

Las Vegas: Constant Lag, Packet Loss & Highly Inconsistent Upload/Download Speeds

Lag the last few days has been unacceptable. I understand the node I'm connected too it 80% congested and Cox doesn't have plans for months to fix it. I understand Cox has told me to be patient, but I'm paying my bill every month and you're simply not providing me quality internet. I pay for gig speed and today my network check showed less then 400down and the upload was highly inconsistent. This behavior from Cox is unacceptable. Fix my neighborhood problems how on earth did Cox's entire network congestion become their customers problem? What other industry is the acceptable? Fix your network problems Cox! 

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    HandsomeChef, it is frustrating I know. We figured some of our customers may be seeing greater impacts in their neighborhoods at certain times of the day.

    Our engineers are working to solve the problem, but until they do our customer service team can’t offer more information. We know this can be frustrating for our customers, so we have a few things customers can do in their homes that could improve their experience:

    • View and manage devices on your home Internet. You can turn the kids’ iPads off when they’ve reached an agreed-upon time. Or pause their
    WiFi when you’re on an important video call.

    • Verify that there are no unrecognized devices using your Internet. If there is one, consider changing your WiFi password.

    • To help protect against future threats, Panoramic Wifi customers can turn on Advanced Security in the app. -Crystal S. Cox Support Forum Moderator

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      This problem is 100% confirmed a Cox Communications network issue. This was confirmed by the Cox Comm Executive Escalation team that the first hop from my modem has 80% congestion. "Frustration" at a monopoly ISP in my area for under-investing in infrastructure for years which is the cause of all these problems is an understatement. 

      Cox Comm wanted a monopoly is Las Vegas, so at the very least, fix your network so I stop wasting money on your internet and my time with your tech support. Because you know what? I have no other choice then to be an unhappy Cox customer, or I guess I can just move out of the state entirely. 

      Cox, you know there is a problem, you've admitted it. Fix. The. Problem. 

      Thanks Cox! 

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        This is a Cox issue. I've been running data with ping plotter and the packet loss is intermittent. Please fix whatever is happening, there is literally no other service providers in Vegas other than Cox.