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4 years ago

Is there a way to monitor web activity for a child who is connected to the wifi?

Is this possible?

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    Hello, @Jordanmeares,

    You have to stay on top and monitor their activities in this day and age. I have included a link from the website that can assist you and also if you Google your question of "Is there a way to monitor web activity for a chile who is connected to the wifi". You will see some results about some software and apps that may also help.

    Crystal S.
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  • It is possible... but you need a router with "parental control" features. There are many to choose from. First, you need to consider exactly what you want to accomplish. For example,

    - Do you want to simply see a report of web addresses the child as accessed? 

    - Do you want to block specific web addresses?

    - Do you want to monitor and limit the amount of time spent using the wifi?

    - etc, etc, etc

    There are many sites comparing and testing routers w/ parental control features. You can find them easily with a Google search.

    I highly recommend this product because I use it myself ...

    Depending on the size of your home and your needs, you can get a router for $99.