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2 months ago

Is it possible to setup the panoramic router along with another router, like a tp-link router?

We currently have our own tp-link router using Cox internet as the backbone for all our wifi connectivity. Since all our AP and devices were already setup with the tp-link router we wanted to have it stay this way. Originally we had DirecTV, when one of our local sports teams was not going to be available on DirecTV we decided to switch to Cox as they would have the local channel. Cox is really pushing using their wifi setup along with their proprietary wireless boxes. Unfortunately we did not go with this solution due to the panoramic wifi router having no compatibility with our AP devices. I'm not even sure our Ring would connect to the Cox router. Has someone been able to use the Cox router along side another router? I tried this with but ran into IP conflicts.

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    Setup the Pano router either as Bridged mode, and then connect ONLY the tp link router to it, OR, setup the pano WiFi with the exact same settings as the tp link, and then run a VERY long ethernet from the pano to the tp link which you have placed in a different room, and use it as a kind of a mesh setup.