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4 years ago

Is coaxial the only option from house for install?

Is coaxial cable my only option from outside to living room for internet? I have remodeled annd dumped the phone lines and coaxial cable. I currently have whatever

AT&T uses for internet hook up. I dread climbing in the attic again to install coaxial cable

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    It depends where you live.  You could call Cox to verify if fiber-optic cable is available at your address, or you could use a third-party website, such as

    I don't know how updated it is but after entering your zip, there will be a list of providers in your area.  Pay attention to the li'l circled icons for Cable (Coax), DSL, Fiber, Satellite.

    If fiber is available to you, Cox will run fiber-optic cable to your house, install a Network Interface Device (NID) outside your house and an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) inside your house.

    If fiber is not available, your only other option is coax but that'll be a short run from the NID to a wall-plate in your living room.  This wall-plate will be your Primary Connection Point.  It reads like the holes are already drilled so a tech only needs to run cable and terminate.  The latest iteration of coax cable for Internet and cable-TV is RG-6, so hopefully the cable you dumped was the antiquated RG-59.

    As far as the rest of your house...

    If you don't want cable-boxes in other rooms, you won't need to run coax.

    If you don't want landline telephones in the other rooms, you won't need to run telephone line (RJ-11).

    If your wireless coverage stinks and you feel like running cable, run some Ethernet!