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i have the Cisco DPQ3212 modem, which is a docsis 3.0 modem, connecting to a Netgear AC 1750 router, model number R6700v2. I have configured the router  to use IPv6, but an IPv6 test site says I am not receiving an IPv6 signal. I have gone through numerous questions on the Cox forums, and they all say that Cox is providing IPv6 service now, so I'm looking for possible problems and solutions. For example, does the modem need to be configured; does it need a firmware update; do I need a newer modem, etc? Looking for help on getting the most out of my Cox internet.

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    Hi, IPv6 is available, but we're not supporting it yet.  Please check back at a later date to see when that feature may be available.  Thanks, 

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    according to the above link ipv6 is on cox already

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    Thank you Carol, but I don't understand your answer. Do you mean that Cox is providing IPv6, but not technical support? Or that IPv6 is available in general, but not through Cox yet? According to other posts, Cox was providing IPv6 service as of late 2017, and I'm trying to find out why I don't have it.

  • Hello im5049 and Andrew Wees, To help clarify some, the IPv6 format has been launched in most but not all markets. So there is a very good chance if you set your equipment to obtain an IPv6 address, it will receive one and work just fine. If any technical issues occur, since we are not fully supporting it until full the build out is complete. Any testing needed, would need to be performed using the IPv4 format before contacting us for assistance.
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    Thank you. Now the last piece of the puzzle -- has IPv6 been launched in Glendale, AZ?

  • im5049,

    I need to provide clarification in regards to the information Danny provided. IPv6 is now available to all residential Cox customers in all markets, with the exception of Fiber PON (Fiber Gigablast) customers.

    I was able to locate your modem based off of the credentials you registered for forums with and have verified your modem has an assigned IPv6 address. With that being said, In addition to the modem being able to receive an IPv6 address, your router and devices must also be able to receive IPv6 addresses as well. It is important to ensure your router's firmware has been upgraded to the most current release and your device(s) must be running an operating system that is capable of IPv6. Additionally, IPv6 must be enabled on all devices. See minimum operating systems versions below.

    ◦Windows Vista or higher Note: Windows 8 is preferred.
    ◦Mac OS 10.6 or higher ◦Android OS 4.2 or higher
    ◦Apple iOS 4.1 or higher

    The majority of retail home routers, especially those produced within the last few years, are fully IPv6-compatible.

    Cox has determined that Apple AirPort Extreme routers, including Time Capsule models, can experience Internet connectivity problems when running firmware released prior to May 25, 2016. For more information, contact Apple Support.

    These requirements are explained at the link Andrew provided but I will include the link in my reply here for convenience sake.