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6 months ago


Worst service ever. Why do I have to keep setting, resetting or calling for my internet. Had a technician come out. He was here 5 minutes, he said nothing was wrong. Really! Internet that goes out twice a day. Their excuse is that it is maintenance. Crappy service. Just waiting for contract to get over. 

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    Did you want to troubleshoot here? If so, let's start with what model modem you have? I am going to guess by your other posts that it is some kind of Panoramic one? Maybe the white one? Keep in mind this is a user based forum. If you want to troubleshoot with Cox you can email them at

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    Maybe it is maintenance.  Contact and provide your full name and service address.  Ask them if maintenance is being performed in your area.  

    You didn't reply when I asked you this in November, but I'll ask again.  Are you sure you aren't having power fluctuations?  Do you have a battery backup?