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2 months ago

Internet works fine for months until rebooting...

Arris SBG10

2 Desktop PCs wire connected

various phones, ipad, laptop, not often in use.

We are on the Cox connectassist program. We pay $30 a month, internet package is either 100 or 150 mbps. When the internet is working, I am able to do speedtests easily at 100+mbps download and 7+mbps upload.

I've had an issue for over 1.5 years with cox. 1.5 years ago, I had Xfinity when I lived in Denver. I had my Arris modem and all the same devices connected. Not once in a year living in Denver did we have a single internet issue. The internet never even went down once. Then we moved back home to Oklahoma City. Immediately, we started having issues. Same equipment and devices. I suspected that either the apartment had bad connection issues or I had damaged my modem on the move.

The specific issue is an "intermittent connection". The internet only works for about 30 seconds, then goes out for 2-3 minutes. Off and on. You will get completely disconnected from games and video calls. Even when it's connected, my friends in discord would tell me my voice quality sounds incredibly bad. Then, after being left alone for hours or sometimes days, the connection would just suddenly get better. It would be perfect. And it would work PERFECTLY for days, weeks, sometimes 2-3 months without issue. UNTIL... the modem gets reset. Then upon reboot, all the horrible symptoms come back and last for hours/days. I can sit there and reset the modem over and over, 20+ times in a row and nothing fixes.

6 months of that in Oklahoma City and we moved to Tulsa. The EXACT SAME issue was happening at the new apartment in Tulsa. So I bought a new Arris SBG10 modem. Guess what. We have the EXACT issue with the new modem. Lived for 1 year at this apartment in Tulsa. We just moved to a new apartment in Tulsa. Guess what. The EXACT same issues is replicated. I am amazed that there is really no technical assistance whatsoever from cox. I have contacted support over 15 times and had two Technician visits, and their support reps have zero knowledge of devices or software or networking or whatever (I am not the most knowledgable, but Ive done all the troubleshooting I know how). The technicians have been good, but they couldn't diagnose my issue. I am convinced there is something server-side or software-related that is messing up my connection. I have ruled out all physical installation issues, there are no viruses or network issues coming from my devices.

So I ordered yet another modem, a Netgear Nighthawk C7000, and I ordered AT&T Internet Air, so I'm going to have two internet plans for a little while and I will troubleshoot both. If Cox doesn't work with my new modem, then I plan to return both my Arris and Netgear Modems to Amazon and continuing to work with AT&T. I am so beyond tired of hearing a service representative tell me that I have to pay extra monthly in order to get proper support. I'm already a customer (not for long), what am I even paying for?

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    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having so much trouble with our services, that's not right!  I can help!  Please send me an email and include your full name, address and a link to this Forums post.  You can send that email to  I look forward to hearing from you!



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      This is a bot response, right?

      Why would I do that work for you? I am already dissatisfied with Cox. I'm open to solutions, but if you ask me to pay for something else, I'm done.

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        I can assure you that this is not a bot.  I'm here to help you without raising your bill.  Thanks!