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4 years ago

Internet speeds inconsistent and seemingly slower - anyone else having these problems?

During the last couple of weeks, internet speed in the Orange County Ca. area of Cox has been suffering from latency and inconsistent speed, at least at our place.

My modem has regularly returned Speedtest ratings of up to 200mb, but after a Cox tech came out and crimped a couple of connectors in our box, highest I'm getting is 130mb down.  Up speeds of 10mb don't seem to have changed.  Latency is kinda lousy, but that could be the modem.

Anyone else suffering in Cox areas the last few weeks?

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  • @Otterbay, Your modem is up and running with a good signal and I do not see any unusual latency at this time. Are you experiencing this issue with multiple devices or just one? Also, what are you getting when you test on a wired device? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I'm having the problems with wired devices, laptops, desktops, etc.  I was regularly getting between 170mbps and 200mbps, but after the Cox tech left, we seem capped at 150-160.  Regarding latency, using the site, every site that gets pinged returns a spike of some kind.

      What are you using to test this?

      Oh, even though I believe I adjusted the settings of your forum to get email every time a response is given, I've been getting no notifications at all.  Any idea what to check there?

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        @Otterbay, we are testing the modem directly. Please run a speed test using with 2 different devices, preferably one hard wired, and send a picture of those results. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator