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4 years ago

Internet speed

I moved in a house in December 2019. From then until mid September everything was great I had speeds of 950 megs on gigablast plan. Around then there was an outage, Cox said it got fixed but I still had no internet. 

A tech came out and fixed something in the outside utility box and everything was good again but he said underground to utility box from my house needs to be replaced. I went with it of course. 

They came out and replaced the underground cable and all of a sudden I was getting speeds below 600 megs. Another tech came out again and said he was getting a gig at the utility box “tap” but I couldn’t have a gig at my house 40 ft away because of covid, and by the way cox only guarantees “up” to a gig.

I was like great then why don’t I just pay for what I have and just like that he was on the phone to dispatch and had them downgrade my plan to 500 megs. Now I’m sitting here like what just happened lol. 

I guess my question is would covid cause my internet to be permanently slower overnight just like that? 

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  • Hi Clayjaay. The issues you're experiencing may be related to higher traffic in your neighborhood as online schools restarted at that time as well as all of those who worked from home. We have seen an increase in internet traffic due to the coronavirus crisis. Please know our engineers are working to resolve these issues and we hope to have a fix in place shortly. We suggest utilizing as many wired connections as possible during this time. - Lisa