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5 years ago

Internet pricing question

So I have had a Cox bundle for TV and internet for almost 6 years.I don't need the TV portion any more since my kids are older and don't watch tv and I can get all my locals with an antenna. My total bill with taxes is about $170. My internet is 150mbs and I have one of the higher end TV packages since I needed Nickelodeon. I called Cox last week to cancel my TV portion and the retention person on the phone was trying to convince me that it didn't make sense to cancel my TV since my bill would only go down to $130. I checked the Cox website before calling and the a la carte pricing for 150mbs internet is $83.99. I tried to explain to her that the cost should be $83.99 since that is what the website lists the non promotional a la carte price as. The new customer price is $49.99 and it becomes $83.99 after 1 year. She stated that she was not able to give me the $83.99 price and that it was only available through the website for new customers. 
I decided to go to a Cox store to see if they could help me. The CSR said that I could get the $83.99 internet only option, but due to COVID related network upgrades in my area that no changes could be made to my account and that he didn't know when the upgrades would be completed.
I feel like I am just getting the run around and cox is doing what ever it can to stop me from cancelling my cable tv.
If the website lists the non promotional internet price as $83.99, shouldn't that be my price if I cancel my cable TV portion?

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      The retention rep did not specify, but she did say that she could not give me the $83.99 price. I don't think there would be $50 in taxes. 

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