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4 years ago

Internet Outage

What happened to the internet in 73110? We had internet all through the ice strom then lost it and haven't gotten it back. I keep getting the note of technicians are working on it and no estimate time for when it will be back up. I get things may be hectic but where is the update from Cox on what happened. My work and school is severely affected by this. I would like some sort of explanation.

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    I JUST got it back today and then just an hour ago lost it. Ive had to blow 128 dollars on a verzon hotspot device because of this ** because I work from home. -.- Idkwhat they're doing. I JUST got it back today. Whatever they fucked up they need to fix. 

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    same here, I have 3 virtual students, I thought about getting hotspot, my luck the wifi would come on as soon as I spend the money I dnt have for it.....

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    I’m in zip code 73099. Internet, Cable, and phone all out.  Came on for about an hour yesterday and then nothing. Paying nearly $300 thinking cable was more reliable.  Purchased antenna and using AT&T hot spot for $50 a month.  Thank you Cox.  This lengthy outage is showing me how I can save $200 a month.   

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    I apologize for the frustration you’ve been experiencing with your Cox services. Both Cox and the power companies are still working to repair downed lines and damaged equipment. . Intermittent service outages may occur as technicians work to replace lines, remove trees, and restore equipment. Once the field technicians have an ETR it will be posted on and the cox app. For more information, please visit

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      Good Morning, 

      I have your text system saying the outage has been resolved yet my account says it is not resolved. So which one is it? The thing that worries me if it is taking this long now what will happen with the next ice or snow storm. I never had a problem with Cox until this long stent of no internet.

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        In most cases, an all clear message regarding an outage should be everything is working again. In a disaster situations however it's not uncommon for your account to be impacted by multiple outages which may cause you to receive a resolution notice for one outage but still be impacted by another. Should you you find services are still not working be sure to check your account or use our Cox Mobile app for the latest service status information for your account.