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8 months ago

Internet outage multiple days without any support

Not sure how or why a company would be out of service for over 4 days and no one has a response other than planned upgrades in the area. How do we get status updates other than form responses of planned upgrades are taking place, since I get this daily now for 4 days without resolution.

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    Same here in northern VA. Yesterday I was finally able to get someone to respond in chat after 4 failed attempts where they just disconnect, and they said it was planned and we were notified. We were not, except for a text when internet went out Friday evening.during a storm. It is Tuesday now, and still nothing. The app finally reports everything is back online, but nothing works.

    WTF Cox, no service for 4 or 5 days and you can't even provide an update? If you don't care about your customers' awareness, at least empower your employees and let them provide some kind of update. Lots of folks need to work from home