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4 years ago

Internet Issue

Hello, my internet has been slow for this whole second half of this year. I’ve had multiple field techs come out and change my cables. I’ve also had my modem replaced multiple times. My connections drops every ten minutes and everyday after 7pm it’s almost impossible to use my internet. Today I have another tech to come and tell me that everything looks fine and that it is congestion in the area and it won’t be months until maintenance will possibly fix it. I don’t have the time to keep waiting or for someone to try and fix it. Prior to this I’ve been a costumer for YEARS and the whole entire experience I have had too many issues with my internet and that it has to be fixed like every 3 months. I’ve tried everything from upgrading to the gigblast plan a few months ago and yet I still have bad internet. This is the worse my internet has been. At this point I am considering changing internet providers because this is outrageous and I’m not gonna keep upgrading or sending a tech to come by for them just to tell me they can’t do anything. I’ve been a loyal costumer for years and it’s frustrating that I have to suffer from everyone else in my neighborhood do to congestion. I really need my internet for work and school so if this is not fixed by a week I’m am changing services for sure. A costumer shouldn’t have to complain about service issues periodically. I just want to have internet with no problems for once please!!!

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    What city?  Here in Mesa AZ the internet has gotten extremely slow.  upload speed is .43mbs

  • Hello Vbanlao,

    I hear you that this has been a frustrating experience. We absolutely want to be sure we're exhausting all possible steps to ascertain the cause a service issue. It appears after several appointments over the last couple months, many things have been done and tested to find that the issue that remains and impacting your connection is congestion.

    Outside of congestion or utilization issues, this is not something we would schedule a service technician to your home to resolve, but is something maintenance plans and works on to address in your area. There has been a significant increase to the number of people working from home during these uncertain times. Cox has been and continues working on ways to improve issues with congestion and utilization issues. Congestion and Utilization issues is taken seriously, but takes time (several weeks to months) to gather a solution.

    We want to keep you connected, and I can imagine this has been difficult for you to work through. If you need assistance with making changes to your account, please contact us for help at with your complete address, and first and last name, and include the link in the address bar for this forums thread.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator