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3 years ago

Internet is terrible

Internet has been bad for a year now. Originally had the 500mps plan. Was having bad connection when gaming and WiFi cable boxes were fuzzy if not losing picture completely. When called to have fixed, they told me that I have too many devices connected and this is causing the problem. Even though I had Comcast at my other house with the exact same plan and equipment. Anyways, I pretty much just dealt with it for awhile until my Spouse started working from home. Constantly was kicked off her VPN. WiFi off and on constantly. They suggested I get the better 1 GB package and this will be solved. But the bullet and decided to go in that direction. I had the 1 GB for about a week and still having the same issues. Called for a tech because now I’ve done everything on my part and still no resolution. Tech came out, replaced the already brand new modem. Tested all lines to house. Confirmed there is still and issue. Said there was some sort of connection leak? Said another crew will need to come and check the lines on the street. Said they would call me when coming. A week goes by and nothing. I call Cox and they said ticket was in but haven’t been able to get over there yet. Another week goes by without a resolution. I call and they said there was no ticket request for service and will need to send a tech out. a tech to do the same thing the last tech did?!? The internet is just peculiar and now I’m really losing my patience with the customer service. I’m just being robbed over here. Over promised a service they can’t provide. Someone help!!! This is the end of my Karen rant.