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3 years ago

internet drops at around same time every night


ever since upgrading our modem and router through Cox about a month ago, every night the internet briefly goes out then comes back on at around the same time (approx 7:30pm cst). It goes out for both the 1 ethernet user and the 1 wifi user. It comes back on within a few minutes, but it disconnects streams and games for both of the 2 users. When it isn't disconnecting, the internet speed is fine.

I reset the modem through this website and manually, but I'm at my wit's end. We spent a lot of money to get better hardware with Cox but it's now interfering with streaming which is a source of income here. We've never had this issue before we'd "upgraded" our hardware.

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  • Hello Ktras,

    I know how frustrating it is to have internet troubles and I'd like to help. Would you mind sharing your complete address and full name and name on the account if different than your own?

    Thank you,
    Cox Social Media Support Specialist  
  • Please reply to

    Thank you,
    Cox Social Media Support Specialist
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    Juan forgot to provide where to send acct info You can email your account info to

    Jonathan J
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