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2 years ago

Internet cuts out multiple times daily since upgrade to Cox Panoramic

I never had a problem with my old modem from 2012 until a recent upgrade. I am so frustrated and we have tried everything and it continually shuts down making it impossible to stream without reconnecting the cable cards and TiVo multiple times daily. We are paying way too much for this horrible service and I don’t understand how a newer equipment upgrade has caused so many issues. This also impacts our computer connections for work needs. It’s a total internet problem with Cox of some kind that has to do with the Panoramic. Please help soon because we are to the point of completely dumping Cox and TiVo and switching all services because this cannot be a thing when we are trying to use work computers and are disconnected multiple times daily. 

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    If everything is acting up, both internet and cable cards, then it sounds like a tech is in order. You're going to want to call tech support and see about getting a technician out to your home.