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5 years ago

Internet crashes

I am randomly getting these internet crashes and its extremely frustrating.

So just now, while on my Playstation, which is WIRED, my internet crashed. My game was extremely laggy, the speed test specifically on the Playstation had me getting less than 10 mbps. Mind you, this has been happening for a couple weeks. This time, I was prepared. I quickly ran to my wireless laptop, did a speed test, 3 mbps. Then I ran all the way down stairs to my wired desktop, 10 mbps. 

I contacted Cox, and the representative basically said "its you, not us" 1000 different ways. The modem is relatively new, my services are relatively new.

Anyone can help? Resetting it has helped it maybe for a few hours, before it just crashes again. This is ridiculous. 

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    The network is congested and they won't admit it

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      Kevin, I've done everything on there plus more, why don't you tell cox to just admit that its something on their end?? Also, stop closing packet loss discussions. YIKES.

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    If you want to test the Cox network, you have to get close to the Cox network.  Meaning, you can't test your bandwidth through your personal network (router).

    Connect a device with wired NIC directly to your Internet modem and test.  Due to COVID, however, you will see some loss.

    UPDATE:  I didn't realize this post is 5 days old.