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4 years ago

Internet connectivity nill!

Had 3 elementary school students working on my home network yesterday.  They've been working on my network since school started months ago with no problem.  All was well until about 1pm, then crash; no internet.  Modem shows upstream light constantly blinking.  Don't know what the heck happened.  Can't get modem to work; just has upstream light continually blinking on my Arris 6183.  Thought modem bricked.  Tried a new modem; same problem.  Kids not happy!  I'm not happy!  Have tech coming out tomorrow.  We'll see.

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    DI and Eastern here, moving to Henderson next week and hoping this problem goes away but they're internationally throttling upload speeds in Las Vegas and I have no idea why and they're not giving any answers.  Submit an FCC complaint here, they won't do anything until you submit a complaint, if you call they'll just try to get you to pay their nonsense blue glove services to send a tech out there that'll blame your equipment and not rectify the problem.  here is the link to submit the complaint: