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4 years ago

Intermittent unusable internet connection.

Just got off chat with customer service about intermittent, unusable, internet connection.

The power lines to my house, running from the same utility pole as the cable connection, were physically disconnected and reconnected yesterday for my main power junction box to be replaced in preparation for solar panel installation. Since the power was reconnected, I am unable to maintain an internet connection for more than about 30 seconds. Multiple modem resets, both by unplugging power and remote resets, have not done anything. The modem event log showed many SYNC Timing Synchronization failure -Failed to aquire QAM/QPSK symbol timing. The modem status page shows everything within limits per the manufacturer, except upstream power is 41.5 dBmV for channels 1, 3, and 4, and 43.0 for channel 2, all channels ATDMA. This is an Arris Surfboard 6183.

Customer service ran through the two-item troubleshooting checklist they use (which didn't solve the problem), refused to consider the possibility that the street-side connection could have been damaged, blamed my modem for the problem, and would not chat any further. Since Cox is leaving me out in the cold on this, has anyone had the same problem, and what was the solution?

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    Your issue is more than Cox chat will be able to handle.  I suggest you email and include your full name and your full service address.  They are your best source for getting help.  Include a link to this thread.