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11 months ago

Intermittent speeds, flapping connectivity

NW Florida.

Constantly running into full network disconnects, flapping connectivity, and speeds FAR below what I pay for (Gigablast, often see sub-35 mbps DL).

I work from home, have triaged all my equipment and the only thing that seems to work is doing the modem reset from the Cox side. Every time I reach out to support, I get the “Well, it’s probably your equipment” or “Reset your router”.

I would look for another ISP, but Cox has a monopoly. So anyone have any advic?

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    Can you give some info about your network? What model modem and router? Have you check signal levels and logs? Any packet loss or uncorrectables?

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    Cox doesn't have a monopoly that I am aware of, but if you would like some assistance in diagnosing and addressing the issue, you have some very intelligent people here that understand the system, and can provide some good info. So, that being said, Like WMO asked, Tell us about your network, your modem, your router, do you have any wired equipment? What about mesh?