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5 years ago

Intermittent connectivity issues


I have been having severe latency and packet loss issues over the last few months. I have submitted 5-7 tickets now to get this issue resolved. They have been to my house several times and have only noticed issues one time. This resulted in outside plant getting involved to hopefully fix my issue. I requested an update a week after they said they would fix the issue and I was told there would't be an update and I would just notice the issue get better. Fast forward a month and there has been no noticeable change. There are 0 problems with my LAN and I am very confident that the issue is within the Cox routers at this point. I have never had any packet loss or latency within my local area so please don't ask any questions about my home connection because I know its good (I'm a network engineer). I just want an engineer for Cox to look into this if possible to try to help me out. I have plenty of images to help my case out if possible. Link to some of my images taken over the last few months/.

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    Look around this forum. Your issue is common, we are all experiencing 20-40% packetloss from 9am-10pm every day. Cox is well aware, the only solution is node splits which they have neglected to do in many densely populated areas. Node splits take months to set up as they need to get construction permits with the cities and purchase equipment, etc. So the packetloss issue is not going to be solved for months.

    File with the FCC as they are expecting you to pay full price for service that clearly doesn't work. Be warned, Cox reps on here are locking any post that mentions packetloss and are pointing you to a page of useless "troubleshooting" steps that tells you to power cycle your modem.

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      Could not have been said better, please file a complaint and ask your neighbours to do so too.

  • Hello, this does not sound good and it appears some intermittent noise may be the culprit. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email at Provide us your name and the complete service address to get started. We have access to research tickets and find information if needed. -Dan