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5 years ago

Intermittent connection issues

Ever since we moved to our new home a little over a year ago, our Cox internet has been incredibly unreliable. Speed drastically spikes up and down and we lose connection irregularly but consistently enough that it causes a ton on inconveniences. I know of the longer outages b/c my video doorbell notifies me that it's been disconnected for 10+ min. This kind of defeats the reason for having video security if I can't reliably keep it up.  On top of that I literally can't use my xbox b/c of the constant disconnections. They may be "brief" but it makes trying to relax and play a game every once and a while miserable. I honestly can't remember the last night I sat down and played 1-2 hours of xbox without my internet going out and crashing me mid game.

I've already changed equipment when I was told 2 years ago that issues HAD to be the equipment, not the connection. I've already paid to have someone come out to this new home to check connections.

I know something is up b/c I have to power cycle my contour box routinely and a tech notified me of at least 15 outages in the last 10 days. What do I need to do here b/c I'm paying a ton of money to not be able to use the services I'm paying for?

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    Hello, are you experiencing issues on a hard-wired connection or only on WiFi? Can you please also make sure there are no loose or damaged connections? Do you have a splitter or an amplifier in the home? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator