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2 months ago

iPhone & New Yahoo Email

I recently received the notice that my mailbox was transitioned, and I duly signed in to Yahoo to begin the process. The process seemed to complete correctly; my old messages seemed to all be there, though there were a few extra folders created. I went on my iPhone to remove the old Cox account and add the new Yahoo account. This also seemed to complete correctly, and I could see old messages begin to sync to my Mail app. That was this past Sunday. As of this morning, I seem to only have messages from the last 30 days in addition to messages through the end of 2019. Just now, I scrolled through the old message list to see it download 2019 through about 2021, but nothing else is there except for the  last 30 days.

Was this working as expected? Is there a limit to how many messsages my phone can retrieve from the server per day? All the emails are there when I log into, they just don't seem to want to download.

I haven't tried doing this on my Outlook desktop client yet...

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      Cox/Yahoo instructions for this process have been practically non-existant. Thanks for the link! I'm trying it out with the iPhone atm. Removed Yahoo account and added POP3/SMTP account using the app password. It looks like the last 3000 messages are downloading, or are trying to download at least. Mail seems to stop downloading when the phone locks, and I do not see anywhere where I can set all messages to be downloaded instead of just the last 3000.

      This transition has not been smooth, and tech support reps seem shocked when we express disappointment at the removal of a key service feature. It seems they've been told to tell us that email was just a "perk" or "bonus" of signing up for Cox Cable Internet.