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3 years ago

Insane Data usage

So Im using 50-80 GB of a data a day according to cox... apparently, but my asus routers traffic analyzer says I'm only using about 10 gb a day. Last week I had a trip out of state for 4 days so I disconnected the coaxial cable from my modem and.... wala I'm still using 50-80gb a day even though no data could be sent??? Has any one else had a similar experiance? Is cox lying/manipulating data usage to force people to pay for unlimited data?

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    I'm having similar issues. Been a Cox customer for almost 3 decades, never had data usage issues or warnings.  Apparently they capped data at 1.2TB per month 3 years ago, but only in the past two months, despite not adding any devices or changing my viewing habits, I went over the 1.2TB last month, and this month I'm at 75% data usage 9 days into the billing cycle. Their online reporting states I used 250MB of data yesterday (Monday), but I did not stream music, and watched about 6.6 hours of Netflix, which should be under 7MB/Hour if it was all 4k, so maybe 50GB not 250 MB.  I might as well be mining Bitcoin based on their stats.  My highest previous day usage was 119MB in my entire history.  Not surprisingly, they don't have a tool that tells me how much data I'm using in real time, yet they can tell by day's end.  Level 2 tech support has no resolution other than to put in a 'TICKET"  but said 90% of them just get trashed without being looked into. The thing is, everything connects to the Internet now, from streaming music, security cameras etc. Even if you give them the extra $50 a month to pay for the unlimited service we all previously had, included. i was told they still send you data usage warnings (and likely throttle your data). What's the point of paying for high speed 500GB bandwidth if you have to throttle all your devices? This seems like a corporate tactic to squeeze an extra $50/month out of every subscriber.

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      You may find some useful information in this article that will help you to manage your data usage:

      In particular, I recommend checking all your devices with a malware detector and a good anti-virus program. If you do not have an anti-virus program you may use the Cox Security Suite Plus Powered by McAfee®:

      is there anything else that I may assist you with?

      Thank you,

      Mike J.
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    I have the same issue they're charging me for outrageous amounts of data I have a separate app that tracks all my data from my modem. Just FYI what's a Verizon store today they have an unlimited internet data with no extra fees no slowing down data after you exceed anything no extra charges Plug and Play set up for $35 a month unlimited everything I suggest switching that's what I'm doing Cox's outrageous