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4 years ago

Incorrect charged by COX

I'm a new member to COX and I have just moved to my new apartment since Aug 04th 2020. However, on July 17th 2020, I registered the COX services with COX representative recommended by my apartment and they already charged me at the time of calling, even that I would not use it until my lease started. It just doesn't make sense to me! I was charged for the period of time I didn't start using it? I tried to contact COX multiple times and they seemed all avoid this problem! How could I resolve it?

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    In my experience, I always contacted several agents for the same issue until resolution. It looks very strange but all cox agents can resolve the issue. If most agents cannot solve it, try another agent who can solve it. You may also email cox social media at and ask the bill breakdown or explantion.

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    The purpose of these forums is to discuss technical issues and possible solutions with peer users. For account specific questions such as billing feel free to reach out to us at and we can assist you further.