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2 years ago

Inconsistent internet connection

My internet has been going in and out for the past week.  So they sent a tech out (didn’t mention a fee) and he advised to get a letter from the apartment office to rewire my apartment.  Should have told me before he came out.  The tech did not fix the issue.  My service keeps dropping.  Every night there is an outage in my area.  Cox doesn’t want to take to blame so they don’t have to pay or reimburse my service that have been spotty at best.  Terrible customer service.  The signal is bad cause cox needs to rewire all the apartments.  Old wiring outdated connections. Fix issue.  Terrible customer service to keep dealing with same issue.  Fix the problem!!! 

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    Did you get the letter from your apartment office? If the wiring problem is inside your apartment, they will need permission to fix it.

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    Since Cox doesn't own the wiring to and in the apartments, there will be a service charge to repair/replace cables, unless you have Cox Complete Care. Cox's responsibility is up to the D-Mark, (Demarcation point), where the service is turned over to the apartments. 

    It's like the power company, they are required to support the wiring UP TO the back of the home, or the distribution point at an apartment, after that, it's not their responsibility. The power company isn't going to come and fix your electrical outlets in the apartment, or in your home. It's not their responsibility, just like that cable wire in your apartment isn't Cox's responsibility. So, while the wiring inside the apartments may be bad, it's not Cox's blame. You want to place blame? Place it on yourself. Get the letter from your rental/leasing office granting them the ability to make the necessary repairs/wire replacements, and call Cox back up, let them know you have the letter granting you permission to have Cox make the necessary repairs/run the wires needed, and then MAKE SURE you have Cox Complete Care, @ $10.00 a month, or be prepared to get billed for the repairs.