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5 years ago

Inconsistent Internet before Covid

I've been having issues with the internet for the past month and a half. This includes download speed,ping,packet loss, unable to watch even 480p youtube videos at times. None of the people that I've talked to with Cox are reporting this issue. I've always been on wired connection,speed tested multiple times, even with servers being in Chicago( I live in Arkansas ) I'm getting ping upwards of 160ms at times on all games including voip programs. It is ridiculous that I'm paying for the ultimate package and not being able to do simple things on the internet even at night.

here is some pingplotter data to google.

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    We are on the same boat buddy. I live in Las Vegas have the same issue over 4 weeks now. Ping would be spiking all over make the online games unplayable. I thought it was my modem ( around 4- 5 yr old ) so I replaced it. Turn out , it wasn't the modem so I called cox. The tech guy told me to do all kind of reboot blah blah blah blah , did that many times and still got same problem. He told me everything is fine. At that point I just gave up arguing with cox. I finally filed complaint with FCC on April 2 and guess what? My internet hasn't spike at all today. They either fixed the issue real fast because tons of people been filing same complaint or I just got really lucky.