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6 years ago

Incoming mail is EXTREMELY slow

Starting today my incoming mail is very slow.  If I send myself a test message it takes anywhere from 20 min to an hour, or more, to be delivered.  This is true whether I send the mail from my Cox ac...
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    6 years ago

    I have this problem on both pop mail using Outlook and also on Cox webmail. It has been going on since last year on and off. It is the worst during heavy usage times which  I assume is 8AM-5 PM. I am tired of calling in and spending hours of my time with tech support who in the end say email is a free service and they can't do anything about it. Most of my need for Cox internet is for email and I have had to resort to faxing documents over a land line in these times of Cox email outages and delays.  To be honest the state of Cox email at times is how my email was on Free Juno dialup service.

    Cox has a great and speedy Internet backbone. Isn't it time they bring their email servers up to the same level of excellence? PLEASE straighten out your mediocre email service. I have been with Cox for a quarter of a century and I am ready to bail to Century Link or free Juno.

    Please run this up the ladder and see if Top Management can make a commitment to improve email.

    Disappointed in Phoenix, AZ