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Inbox Spam Filter Rules are USELESS

I am getting SICK AND TIRED of the spam that is generated EVERY MORNING by the spam bots that Cox seems to be doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop.  I have created at least 150 different filters, and emails still come to my Inbox, even for ones THAT I HAVE ALREADY CREATED.  I SPECIFICALLY created one for emails that contain “Noom Partner” in the “From” field to Reject it.  So what do I see in my Inbox this morning?  AN EMAIL THAT HAS “NOOM PARTNER” IN THE “FROM” FIELD.  WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING FILTERS IF THEY DON’T STOP EMAILS WHICH THEY WERE SPECIFICALLY CREATED FOR?!?  DO I STUTTER WHEN I TYPE?!?  WHAT PART OF “REJECT” DOES THIS ABSOLUTELY IMBECILIC FILTER RULE NOT UNDERSTAND?!?  AND IT DID IT WITH WILDALASKANCOMPANY TOO!!  And don’t tell me to block the domain, because they just move to another one.  I am THIS close to deleting my email account because of a product that is an ABSOLUTE FAILURE.