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In response to the troubleshooting steps following the blanket lock of threads relating to packet loss and latency

I've decided to address the advice given following the locking of all threads pertaining to my (and several others') issue relating to Cox infrastructure / oversaturation of nodes / marketing of Gigablast for areas that cannot support it at peak times. Since the troubleshooting thread was posted as an announcement and locked, I decided to make my own post.

"We've seen an increase in internet traffic as people have shifted their work and school activities home in response to Coronavirus."

Naturally, this is to be expected.

"You may be experiencing impacts in your neighborhood at certain times of day, and that can be frustrating."


"Our engineers are working to provide the best possible experience."

This is a generic answer purporting a solution that should be better defined. *What* exactly are the engineers doing? Are they expediting node-splitting for areas that need it? Are they monitoring affected connections? Give us a concrete answer.

"In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to help resolve Packet Loss and Latency."

The steps that follow this are generic cookie-cutter answers that do not affect the majority of us on here who are complaining. Perhaps Cox should check their end and verify their data nodes are not operating at >100% capacity (i.e. a node that can handle 300 subscribers should not have 400 subscribers). If it is, steps should be taken to remedy it immediately. We are in a time of crisis, and as such, Cox, as a provider of one of the basic commodities needed to function in these times, should do their utmost in expediting whatever it is needs to be done.

As mentioned by the other great folk on here, everyone can do their part in posting their specific situation on here and DSLReports.

Also, filing an informal complaint with the FCC doesn't hurt anything either:

Be sure to file with your state's consumer complaint board as well.

That is all. Wishing everyone good health along with a stable internet connection in these trying times.