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7 years ago

Identical Traceroute as Talrah?

So I'm researching a breach in my home network earlier in the year and kept getting the first 4 hops to be the same.  No matter where I pointed the tracert to.  I would search for the second hop ( and it would tell me it is a private IP.  But it also had a link to a member here (talrah) who had the exact same first four hops.  Their concern is with dropped packets, my concern is unauthorized IP cameras.  The only difference in the trace is the first entry... My router as and their router as

Is it normal to have the same traceroute?

Where should I focus my attention in this traceroute, if at all, to pinpoint a network intusion.  Possibly a MITM attack? ( (same) (same) (same) (same)

Is this normal?