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I have internet Ultimate 500.

My download speed is supposed to be 500mbps and upload is supposed to be at or around 15mpbs however I'm lucky if I get 1mbps.  My upload speed is just as important as my download speed.  I need this fixed, asap.

Things I've done:

Rebooted my modem, rebooted router, changed cables, rebooted my computer, I'm the only one in the house so my internet is only being used by me.

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    What is the Make/Model # of your Modem and Router, and what are the signal levels?
    Where are you located?
    This information is needed to properly give you some assistance.

    Do you have a signal Amp on your line?

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    Still using a "custom Unix based router"? If so, try bypassing the router and testing your speed.

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    Are you testing on WiFi, or via ethernet? WiFi testing is inaccurate!