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I am unable to play any online video games with Gigablast.

I am just utterly confused with this service. I went from Google Fiber paying only $70/month for amazing internet. I have NEVER experienced any lag. I was able to play competitively, stream, while uploading a video to YouTube (which is what I use to actually make a living)... and never experienced any problems.

But then when I moved to Las Vegas and ordered Gigablast.. the 2 games that I've been playing for x amount of years.. I am now unable to play. Unable to stream. Uploading videos alone take 45min to 1 hour when it used to only take me 60 seconds to do so.

What is going on? Customer service continues to tell me there is an outage in my area. They told me their call center was open 24hrs. But now.. when I do call.. I get a voice message that annoying tells me that they are only open until 6pm. What is going on? How is this anywhere worth to paying $170/month for? I'm losing thousands of dollars every week simply because I can't do what I do for a living. Someone please actually help?

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    im north las vegas and just looked at my speeds. im running 859 DL and 39 UL dont know what speeds you had where you use to live but i can play games fine in my house

  • Google fiber is actual fiber internet unlike Cox's hybrid fiber coax where they have fiber to a node and then coax from the node to neighborhood houses(hybrid fiber coax is cheaper and can have a lot of issues when they oversaturate a node/oversell packages). Cox's Gigablast upload speed is only 35Mbps where as google fiber's upload is 1000Mbps. You need a good upload speed when you're upload a video form your computer to a server online. More recently but around September 2019 the Cox infrastructure has been having a lot of issues with oversaturated nodes. File an FCC complaint it's the only way someone higher up will actually talk to you.

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    Wait, why did you switch from Google Fiber to Cox coax Gigablast? Did you move? You need to get back on Google Fiber ASAP as I don't think anyone in their right mind would willingly switch from Google Fiber to Cox. Cox coax is having tons of problems with oversaturation and packetloss. Their upstream is congested with all the WFH traffic as well as kids being home - phones, gaming, streamers uploading constantly. You'll be seeing upwards of 20% packetloss until they split your node which would take months since Cox oversold pretty much everywhere and their network can't handle all this new upstream traffic. In other words, you won't be able to game and you'll drop a ton of frames when streaming. 

    File with the FCC and get back on Google Fiber if you can.

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        Hi Chris, can you please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at We'd like to investigate this further for you. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator