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4 years ago

I am getting the following error message when trying to access and delete email: The connection to remote server was refused or timed out while attempting to connect. Please try again later.

This has only started a couple of months ago but makes using the email a nightmare when trying to delete or forward messages, even trying to move a message to archive.

There have been no changes to hardware or software in the meantime.

And also this message has shown up:


An error occurred inside the server which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

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    That's a problem with the Cox webmail server. Nothing you can do to fix it. Report it to them and keep after them to fix the problem on their end.

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    i just got it within webmail, refreshed the page, all was well!

  • @Zzonie, We had some overnight maintenance on our webmail service. You may need to log out and then log back in. Please try that and let us know if you continue to experience this issue. -Cox Support Forums Moderator