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Huge ping spikes in online gaming - Modern Warfare, CS:GO

I've been having an issue that has recently gotten way worse. In online games, like Modern Warfare and CS:GO, I'm getting huge ping spikes every few seconds. It's making the games unplayable, as my character stutters and rewinds around corners, reloads are cancelled, etc.

My ping is fine, anywhere from 30-60ms, but ping plotter shows packet loss and huge spikes to 500+ms, particularly at what I assume is the handoff from Cox's DC (based on IP). Modem has been reset, no splitter or any issue with coax (technician is coming to verify). Router is an up-to-date Ubiquiti ERX with my computer plugged directly via ethernet.

I know the technician isn't going to be helpful tomorrow, since I'm 99% certain this is a Cox issue beyond my home or neighborhood box. Is there anyway of actually getting this addressed?

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    the only way is the fcc, just keep filing the complaints and eventually they will have to do something.

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    @martsani38, is your computer plugged directly into the wireless router or directly into the modem? We recommend hard-wiring the modem for optimum results. I am not detecting any packet loss on your modem at this time. Would you be able to provide hard-wired (to the modem) traceroutes to the gaming servers in question? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    We have the same issue here! playing World of Tanks and everything will be fine, then big spikes causing all sorts of problems in game and voice chat.

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      @Juarez2KMJ, Are you experiencing this issue with multiple devices in the home or just one? Also, are you experiencing this issues with other games or just this one? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Well I only play games from one Desktop PC that is hard wired, but we get little interruptions on our PS4 when streaming Disney+, Netflix etc. The same issues happen when playing Modern Warfare.

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    What cable modem are you using ? Also have you looked at the modem interface in the event log to see if it is detecting any problems with the signal/lost packets ?

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      Modem/Router TG1682 provided by Cox. I haven't checked the modem interface.